1. Logistical analysis of economy and costs

The use of plastic boxes for logistics procedures optimization starts with a cost-saving analysis. MZA believes in plastic packaging in all processes because they are resistant, safe and economical. The first step to achieving efficiency is a complete logistic cost savings analysis.

2. Engineering and product design

With state-of-the-art technological resources, we have a dedicated department exclusively for the development of projects, from a small box for transporting small loads to the complete solution for storage and transport solutions in large automated distribution centers.

3. Production and Quality Control

Our production process counts on thermoplastic injection molding machines, state-of-the-art technology equipment and molds as well as a highly skilled team that allows us to manufacture the most innovative plastic boxes on the market with an average of 130 tons / month. All our products are strictly tested, certifying the durability and safety of each item manufactured and delivered attending to the request made by the customer.

4. Proposals and Marketing Campaign

We offer complete marketing solutions that are directly involved in customer brand care. MZA is present in the main channels of communication, where daily content is offered to customers and partners in order to maintain an open relationship channel with all those involved.

5. Recycling Services

Recycling is a very present feature in our manufacturing process. MZA offers all the necessary recycling services. We collect used and damaged plastic boxes, after cleaning, milling, washing and drying, they are ready to be refurbished and reused, without pollution and without waste.